We welcome experienced divers from all agencies.  

You can keep your existing certification when you join us, you'll simply dive with us within the constraints that you have been certified to.   There is no requirement for extra training.  All we ask is that you become a member of BSAC and the club.

For example, if you join us as a PADI Open Water diver, you would maintain this certification level and dive with us within the constraints of your PADI Open Water Diver grade i.e. no deeper than 18m, and only using air as a breathing gas.  Should you chose to further your training, we will train you towards a BSAC Sports Diver certification.  

Note that you will have to present evidence of the qualifications you already hold in the form of original and authenticated certificates, training records in other agency logbooks, etc.

As a club, we have many active divers from different agencies.   Around a third of our divers have been trained by other agencies.  Many are PADI trained (we even have two PADI Instructors) but we also have SSI, ScotSac and SAA trained divers.