Club Expeditions

The following multi-day club diving trips are being planned for 2023 and 2024.   More details will be posted on Slack when available, however feel free to contact the organiser to express your interest.


Note that we will continue with local diving throughout the summer, with weekend and weekday/evening dives (including Thursday evening dive meets and BBQs) being arranged as weather and availability permits.  These dives will be communicated via the dedicated club Slack channel.

 Arran.  5-9 August, 2024, Full, but taking names for reserve list.

The 2023 trip was hugely successful and enjoyed by all.  We will return in 2024 and once again use the well equipped and comfortable Wreckspeditions RIB.  The trip will be based out of Lamlash  Organiser – Tilly

Kinlochbervie.  1-5 July, 2024, Spaces left.


Our first dive trip to this area for some time.  Famed for its excellent visibility, scenery, underwater geology and fantastic sea-life.  This trip will be using Dive KLBs boat.  Organiser – Davey

Oban.  19-26 April, 2024, Spaces left.


Our annual training event, this is always well attended and great fun.  We will dedicate the first three days to Ocean Diver training together with experience dives for the more qualified.  From Tuesday, we will board the MV Clasina for four days diving on the inner Hebrides.  The first half of the trip is open to all levels, the 2nd part is for Advanced Ocean Divers and above.  Organiser – Jim

Sound of Mull. 16-18 March, 2024, Spaces left.


Diving with Shane's boat, the Cearban out of Dunstaffnage.  We'll dive the Sound of Mull wrecks and local sites.  Advanced Ocean Diver and above.  A great shakedown for the start of the season!  Organiser – Jim

Loch Duich. 3-5 November 2023, Spaces left.


A weekend's diving in the clear waters of Loch Duich.  Staying in the Ratagan Hostel so low cost (£45 for two nights).  This will be a nice season ender and provide further training/depth progression for ODs working towards AOD and Sports Diver.  This trip is being arranged by the Ellon Sub-Aqua Club.  There is more information on the sites on their website here. Organiser – Jim

Scapa Flow.  November 11-17, 2023, Full


Another chance to dive Scapa Flow!  One week trip onboard MV Karin to dive the wrecks of the German High Seas fleet, scuttled in Scapa Flow, Orkney.  We will depart direct by ferry from Aberdeen on Saturday night to Kirkwall.  Six days of great wreck diving on some of the most famous wrecks in the world.  It’s a great time of year to dive the wrecks, the flow is quiet and the visibility is normally super.  We can stay on the boat, it's comfortable and warm but basic.  For those who would rather not sleep on the boat, B&B is available in Stromness, a quick stroll from the harbour or Kirkwall (20mins drive).  Travel back on the overnight ferry on the Friday night and home for 7am Saturday morning.  Depths will be up to 35m, drysuits and Sport Diver qualification plus experience required.  Cost around £600 plus ferry.  Organiser – Ollie

Kircaldy/Burntisland, around September. Various dates over summer.

Trip back to explore some new sites around this area possible targets. are HMS Campania, the first world war aircraft carrier, HMS Saucy, a tug used in the second world war, and to return to Blae Rock and Vows Reef, possibly also with some additional exploration to find new sites around Inchkeith Island.  Organiser - David

Capernwray, 22-24 September. Spaces left.

Trip  to the popular inland dive site of Capernwray Quarry near to Carnforth/Morecambe in Lancashire (about 5 hours drive from Aberdeen).  Covering a large area, this gravel quarry has been fully repurposed as a commercially operated dive site.  It has good visibility, lots of sunken things to see, big fish, easy entry and exit points and is unaffected by weather.  It's a great site to learn and practice new skills and complete training, it has something for everyone.  There is an abundance of cheap accommodation in the local area.  Open to Ocean Diver and above.  Organiser - David

Arran week, 2-6 August.  Ocean Diver.  Spaces left.

Charter Wreckspeditions (Dunoon) for the diving which is no deeper than 25metres, all scenic diving. Suitable for Ocean diver and up. Find own B&B or chalet type accommodation on ArranOrganiser - Sue

Summer Solstice, 10/11 June, Ocean Diver and above.  Spaces left.

OK, it's  not quite Summer Solstice dates but close enough.  This will be a camping and diving weekend based at the Mill Shore camping spot near Pennan on the Moray Coast (about 1 hr drive from Aberdeen city centre).  We will dive on the beautiful reefs and shoals beneath the Strathangles cliffs.  Clear water, lots of interesting life and fantastic scenery.  Camp in tents, share BBQ relax in the (near) midnight sun.

Ideal diving experiences for all levels of diver. Cost around £50.  Organiser - Rachael

Lossiemouth Wrecks, 27-28 May

Trip to dive the wrecks off Lossiemouth, this will include the tanker, San Tiburcio (30m), british submarine HMS Tantivy (38m) and the wrecks of the Unity and WW2 Valentine Tanks.  Diving by RIB, either two single days or a weekend trip.  Sports Diver and above. Organiser - Jim

Loch Fyne, 11-15 May, 

A regular trip target for the club, this site is a great west coast location with interesting life, sheltered waters, varied dive sites and some super sea life.  Organiser - David

1 - 6 April 2022, Oban training week .


This trip comprises 3 days of Ocean Diver open water training followed by 3 days of training/experience dives for more advanced divers based on RIBs and a hardboat and diving in the Sound of Mull.

We have accommodation booked in chalets at Tralee Bay Holidays, but divers can source their own accommodation if they wish.

Costs around £150 for the three day trip - £350, for the full trip.   Organiser – Rachael.

Completed 2022 Trips

7 day trip, 5-12 November, Scapa Flow

One week trip onboard MV Karin to dive the wrecks of the German High Seas fleet, scuttled in Scapa Flow, Orkney. 

Weekend trip 12-13 November, organised by Ellon SAC to Loch Duich

A lovely weekend arranged by the Ellon clubVery comfortable and inexpensive accommodation at Ratagan House, great diving, super food and a chance to meet many other divers from other clubs. 

Two week trip 14-27 September, Orkney, Cape Wrath and St Kilda

A real expedition aboard the MV Clasina running out of Stromness.  Weather was not kind to us but we explored some beautiful sites around Orkney, the north coast, Cape Wrath and finally made it to St Kilda.  A real adventure with some incredible dives and great friends. 

August, Firth of Forth

Weekend,  25-26 June, Dunbar

Weekend, 11-12 June, Solstice Weekend

Out traditional Solstice Weekend of diving, camping and BBQs.  Great fun and we discovered the tunnels at Mill Shore, a beautiful dive. 

Weekend trip, 3-7 May, Capenwray

6 day trip, 16-20 April, Oban Training Week

With 22 people in attendance, this was our most popular Oban trip yet, 3 divers qualified as Ocean Divers.  The more experienced divers stayed on after the long weekend and were able to dive the Sound of Mull wrecks and Garvelach islands.

7 day trip, 19-16 March, Scapa Flow

One week trip onboard MV Karin to dive the wrecks of the German High Seas fleet, scuttled in Scapa Flow, Orkney. 

Completed 2021 Trips

7 day trip,  22-27 August, Northern Outliers. Completed, trip report here.

Trip on Orkney based liveaboard vessel, MV Clasina.  To explore the small reefs and islands comprising the Northern Outliers which are due west of Orkney, they lie about 40 miles from the north coast of Scotland and are some of the remotest islands in the UK.  We will dive Stack Skerry, Sula Sgeir, North Rona, Nun Rock as well as some sites on the north coast of the mainland and west coast of Orkney.  The visibility is normally 20+m.  An adventurous expedition for Sports Diver and above.  Organiser - Jim

5 day trip, 1-5 August - Isle of Arran with Wreckspeditions Completed


Charter Wreckspeditions (Dunnoon) for the diving which is no deeper than 25metres, all scenic diving. Suitable for Ocean diver and up. Find own B&B or chalet type accommodation on Arran; Wreckspeditions can advise. Charter costs depends on how many divers but c. £50-63 per day each plus accommodation costs.

Diving 4 four days?  Organiser - Kathleen, the trip report is here.

Long Weekend, 16-20 July, Loch Fyne Completed

I propose to organise one or more trips to Loch Fyne (according to demand) of four nights duration, minimum 4, maximum 5 divers. The trip(s) could be extended weekend(s) or Monday-Friday. The first and last days are for travelling there / back. Potentially, those with sufficient stamina could drive home after the third day of diving. I will send a more detailed proposal by email and those interested can get back to me.  Organiser – David

Long Weekend, 2-4 July, Eyemouth, possibly September (possibly to coincide with nudibranch festival) Completed

Divestay/Eyemouth: four of us planned a two day trip in May 2020 which didn’t happen for obvious reasons. We are hoping to revive it in 2021 and it maybe we can expand the trip so other members can come with us. See Organiser – David

Weekend – 19/20 June, Summer Solstice Moray Coast. Completed


Weekend to celebrate the long days near the summer solstice with diving, BBQ, camping/glamping etc.  The plan is to have a couple of nights camping/caravanning in the Cullen/Portsoy/Portnockie area with boat diving and shore diving on the Saturday/Sunday but we can be flexible for those that can only dive on one of the two days.  The visibility and sea life can be lovely here in mid-summer and we intend to do reef/cliff (Capel Rock, 16-18m) and possibly wreck dives (SS Moray in 25m) from club inflatable and Jim’s RIB.  Suitable for all levels of divers. Cost around £50.  Organiser – Jim.


Weekend, 4-5 June, Firth of Forth Completed

I would like to explore the possibility of one or more day outings in 2021 to explore the dive sites of the Firth of Forth.  A day’s diving could be done on the day after some of us are going to the Queensferry aquarium shark dive. A stand-alone day trip would mean getting away early – eg 6 am to be on the water by 10am – but it could be done. Much depends on the tides and weather. I am especially keen to dive HMS Campania and Blae Rock. I have a book of 100 dives from the Firth of Forth down to Eyemouth, so there is much more to explore south of the Firth of Forth for subsequent trips. Organiser – David

Long weekend - 30 April – 3 May, Oban training weekend.  Completed


This trip will be three days diving over the bank holiday based in Tralee Bay chalet/caravan site.  We will be taking the club inflatable and Jim’s RIB.  Our intent is to conduct certification dives for Sport Diver/Dive Leader and do revision and theory tests for those that are ready.  Dives will include shore dives, boat dives, dives on the famous Breda shipwreck and also two drift dives.  Costs around £100-200, deposit £25 for those using the club accommodation.  Organiser – Jim.