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We endeavour to keep the cost of diving as low as practicable.

Members of the Aberdeen club must be members of the British Sub-Aqua Club. The BSAC website includes details of the benefits of membership and the BSAC membership fees. There are reduced BSAC fees for students, couples and people with certain qualifications.

The Aberdeen branch has two broad categories of membership:

  1. Full diving membership is required to dive with the club; and,

  2. Non-diving Membership allows members to take part in club social activities, such as dinners, meets and other social events as well as gaining access to our private communications systems and knowledge base.

Non-diving membership is useful for people who drop out of active diving temporarily or permanently due to life events but who want to stay in touch with and support the sport.

We have a number of membership tiers which are listed here. Fees can be paid annually or monthly.

Training is provided by the club at cost by volunteer instructors however, there are charges for BSAC training packs, pool fees, equipment rental and air. A typical cost to learn to dive is around £400. Members also have access to training events organised regionally or nationally by BSAC.

Kit Hire and boat fees for 2021 can be seen here.

If you have any queries or if want to discuss your personal circumstances regarding club membership please contact us.

To join Aberdeen Sub-Aqua Club online follow this link and click on the "join online" tab. You can pay both the BSAC subscription and the monthly Club membership fees by direct debit. Once you have joined you'll get your BSAC membership number and will be able to log into MyBSAC and explore the member's area of the BSAC website.