Local Diving

This page shows photographs and videos taken by club members during outings and training on local sites. There is also a slide show on club life during the lockdown. There is a special page devoted to marine life at Cove Bay/Harbour, Aberdeenshire, here

Super dives to explore some sites around Troup Head. Some lovely, life encrusted walls!

We launched the club boat from Rosehearty on Thursday 3rd September for a dive on the Prestonian. Sea conditions and visibility were great despite the previous day's storm. Five divers had a great time.

First post-lockdown boat launch was from Stonehaven, 29 July. We dived on the Pinnacle on the headland to the North of Dunnottar Castle. Despite several days of high winds, there was little swell, and good visibility

Boddam Lighthouse 23 July 2020: The ceiling of the arch was stunning, but this video does not do justice to it - you need to see it for yourself!

Three short clips from Boddam Lighthouse 15 July 2020 1.Crab and Anenome 2. In the cave; 3. wreckage, fish, seaweed - great viz!

Can you spot the tiny shrimp in these three short clips of video taken at Catterline 16 July 2020

Spider crab on kelp, spot the mating nudibranchs, and Catherine leads through a gully, Catterline, 16 July 2020

Club Dive at Cove Harbour 7 June 2020

Pics from Jim's wreck dive

Post Lockdown Shore dive

Post-Lockdown Shore Dives

Fun and games during the lockdown

Club Life during the Lockdown

A pre-lockdown dive at Rosehearty: introducing Edouard to sea diving in Scotland

A dive at Rosehearty 7 March 2020