Programme for 2021

Since our AGM in December 2020 we have been organising an exciting programme for 2021, including some dry events for the winter and lockdown months. This section will expand as our plans grow.


We will run a programme of fortnightly Zoom talks open to all cub on topics of interest, see below. If you wish to join any of these talks please use the contacts form to request an invite.


We will commence theory training for Sports Diver and Dive Leader qualifications during January. Specific dates will be published in club members calendar available in the private Members page.

Dive trips, expeditions and outings: the preparations for the future events continues, but some may have to be postponed in the light of circumstances at the time

23 December - night dive at Boddam Quarry (cancelled due to new Covid restrictions)

31 December - Hogmanay dive (cancelled due to new Covid restrictions)

March - Training weekend at Oban

Capernwray Quarry - Training long weekend.

November - Scapa Flow week

These are events in planning now. In addition we will be arranging local dives, and our annual trips to Loch Fyne and Ullapool.

Development priorities will include creating opportunities for our new divers to increase their experience and confidence, training in boat handling, developing our dive training capacity, and enhancing safety with a course in First Aid and VHF operations.

Check back here for further details and dates or contact us for the latest plans.

Dry Events - Fortnightly Zoom talks

7 January - VHF Basics - how to use radio to call for help in an emergency

21 January (Provisionally) - Photogrammetry - building 3d video representations of underwater structures (Brian Burnett, Deeside SAC)

4 February - Wonderful Seaweed - Richard Jones research project on carbon capture in seaweed

18 February - Marine Archaeology and Diving - Catherine Smith

4 March (Provisionally) - Seabirds Cities - a talk by RSPB on local seabird colonies. £7.50 minimum donation to RSPB are required to attend.

18 March (Provisionally) - Tracking West Coast Cetaceans

1 April - Operation Crossroads - diving the wrecks of the atom bomb tests in Bikini Atoll

(others to be announced on this page).